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Physchological benefits of reducing back pain

Physiological and Psychological Benefits: Lumbar Strengthening in Chronic Back Pain Patients

February 1993 Volume 18, Number 2

Sherry V. Risch, PhD, Michael L. Pollock, PhD, Howard Langer, RPT, James E. Graves, PhD, Nancy K. Norvell, PhD, Edward D. Risch, MD, Michael Fulton, MD, Scott H. Leggett, MS

Study Outcomes & Clinical Relevance:

Lumbar extension exercise is beneficial for strengthening the lumbar extensors and results in decreased pain and improved perceptions of physical and psychological functioning in chronic back pain patients.

The Role of Anticipation and Fear of Pain in the Persistence of Avoidance Behavior in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

May 2000 Volume 25, Number 9

Al-Obaidi SM; Nelson RM; Al-Awadhi S; Al-Shuwaie N
Department of Physical Therapy, Kuwait University, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing, Sulaibikhat, Kuwait

Study Outcomes & Clinical Relevance:

The results of this study strongly support the hypothesis that spinal physical capacity in chronicity is not explained solely by the sensory perception of pain. The anticipation of pain and the fear-avoidance belief about physical activities were the strongest predictors of the variation in physical performance. This study utilizing MedX technology reveals that the fear of pain can be as functionally debilitating as pain itself. MedX is a perfect solution for defusing fear of movement because treatment can occur in a very restricted range-of-motion with minimal resistance.