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Strength training methods

Strength Training Methods and the Work of Arthur Jones

Journal of Exercise Physiology Online
December 2004 Volume 7 Number 6

Dave Smith and Stewart Bruce-Low
University College Chester, University of Liverpool

Study Outcomes & Clinical Relevance:

This paper reviews research evidence relation to the strength training advice offered by Arthur Jones, founder and retired Chairman of Nautilus Sports / Medical industries and MedX Corporation. Jones advocated that those interested in improving their muscular size, strength, power, and/or endurance should perform one set of each exercise to muscular failure (volitional fatigue), train each muscle group no more than once (or in some cases twice) per week, perform each exercise in a slow, controlled manner and perform a moderate number of repetitions (for most people 8-12). Jones’ training advice is strongly supported by the peer-reviewed scientific literature, a statement that has recently been supported by a review of the American College of Sports Medicine resistance training guidelines.