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medx - faqs

what are the special machines used at core essentials?

We utilise state-of-the-art medical exercise equipment by MedX that allows full range of motion, variable resistance, minimal friction, and adjustments for proper and safe positioning and alignment.

Our equipment has the newest cams to provide a close match to the body’s natural strength curves - based upon the exercise performed.

MedX equipment is often found in physical therapy clinics because it offers a choice of resistance in two pound increments for a weight that’s just right, not too heavy and not too light, for rapid and steady progress.

can medx promote disc health?

Recent scientific studies suggest that chemical changes in the intervertebral discs may be a source of spinal pain. These chemical changes are usually the result of not moving the spine normally.

Limited movement causes chemical build up in the discs where they can even move into the surrounding tissues thus aggravating nerves, muscles and ligaments. Intervertebral discs remain hydrated, chemically balanced, and receive nutrition through full range of motion (ROM) movements, which is the last thing chronic spine patients want to do.

Unfortunately, the inactivity causes the problem to become worse eventually leading to muscle atrophy and further deterioration of the joints in the spine. MedX technology gives patients the best opportunity to improve spinal strength, range of motion, and disc health.

what about a herniated disc?

MedX machines are specifically designed to isolate the low back and neck thus helping the patient move in a safe manner and restore normal function to the spine and discs. Even if a disc has a bulge or herniation it still responds to correct movement, which is essential to restoring disc health.

what about post back surgery?

Post-surgical reconditioning is of the utmost importance. The inactivity and discomfort that typically precedes, as well as follows surgery, often results in joint deterioration and significant muscle atrophy.

Scientific evidence shows that many of the injured muscles will not recover on their own even with normal activities.

Core Essentials MedX Programs provide a very safe and effective way to gently start the reconditioning process and gradually build the injured area back to normal strength levels.

how soon post surgery can I be treated?

The recommended time period depends upon the surgical intervention, but in general, the MedX protocol requires a six-week period after surgery before active MedX reconditioning can begin.

what about cardio?

It’s not necessary to engage in aerobic activities between sessions, unless this is something you like to do. You will get cardiovascular and metabolic stimulation during your strength training sessions. Most of the conditioning effect of exercise is the result of metabolic adaptations, which enhance the ability of muscle tissue to absorb and utilise oxygen. Enjoy your aerobic activities, but understand they are more for recreational benefit.

As we age and lose muscle mass, activities that were once done with ease when stronger, become more difficult as your muscles, not your heart and lungs, get weaker. Our medical exercise system strengthens your muscles so recreational activities, such as biking, hiking, swimming and skiing, require less effort from the heart and lungs.

what about burning calories?

You can become a 24 hour-a-day calorie burning machine simply by adding some muscle. One of the great benefits of strength training is the calories burned as a result of the session, not the calories burned during the session.

By training to failure, you will add significant muscle to your body, which causes the body to need more calories at rest. A muscular body at rest is constantly burning fat. The calories you burn in a Core Essentials session are comparable to traditional cardiovascular training. Heart rates during the largest high intensity research project at West Point had cadets reaching levels not met on their treadmills.

should i warm up before my session?

Your muscles remain close to normal body temperature at all times, even if your skin feels cool to the touch. Contrary to popular belief, muscles don’t need to warm up beyond normal body temperature. By the time you start sweating, your muscles are already beyond their optimum operating temperature. Your joints and muscles do require a bit of extra lubrication during exercise, but the most efficient way to lubricate them is to begin the actual exercise, slowly.

The Core Essentials system minimises inertial forces, and therefore the stresses on your joints. The first few repetitions, which are never explosive and are performed slowly, allow time to send a message to the joints, ligaments and tendons to lubricate and warm up.

We don’t recommend any steady state activity as a warm up before the workout, as preheating will sap your strength, and compromise your workout.

For optimal results and safety, it is best to keep your body as cool as possible prior to and during your workout. You should wear light clothing when you train.

what about stretching before beginning an exercise session?

While stretching feels great, it is unnecessary, for much the same reasons enumerated in the warm up question.

what are the benefits for the serious athlete?

Core Essentials programs are perfectly designed for the serious athlete. As most athletes know, the foundation for endurance is muscular strength. The Core Essentials method targets the body’s major muscles, called skeletal muscles.

The skeletal muscles are the foundation for all other movement. Muscular strength training is essential to sports performance and injury prevention. High-Intensity Strength Training is an excellent way to strengthen your core, the muscle groups that
stabilise your skeletal structure.

With Core Essentials MedX Programs, the loading of the targeted muscles to complete muscle failure results in greater strength in less time than traditional weight training, which is characterized by a high number of
repetitions and multiple sets. MedX builds lean muscle which translates into superior cardiovascular benefits for competitive athletes. By building muscle mass the body has to grow new micro vascular capillary networks to serve those muscles. This makes the heart increase its efficiency so sports are executed with less effort.

The benefits of our programs support some of the most important goals of a successful athlete: improved cardiovascular fitness, greater muscular strength, increased metabolism, and reduced injuries.

what are the benefits for the recreational sports enthusiast?

In everyday life your muscular strength can determine the ease of many daily tasks. For the recreational athlete, a Core Essentials program will build and maintain the muscles so you can enjoy all activities to their maximum. The superior 30-minute workout gives you more time to enjoy other activities.

One excellent benefit of High-Intensity Strength Training is the strengthening of the skeletal muscles which diminishes the chance of injury. The additional cardiovascular benefits allow you to participate in your activities longer and with less fatigue.

A common misconception is that being unfit is due to a weak heart and lungs when actually it’s weak muscles that lead to being unfit. A fit person’s stronger muscles work more efficiently because they draw oxygen from the blood and reduce strain on the heart and lungs. High-Intensity Strength Training conditions the entire system by pushing the aerobic and anaerobic systems to their maximum.

A recreational sports enthusiast will gain all the benefits that a serious athlete would, the biggest benefit being the development of functional fitness, essential to both daily living and regular activities.

what if i see a chiropractor?

A recent study demonstrated that the combination of chiropractic care in conjunction with isolated strengthening using MedX technology is an excellent way to eliminate chronic neck and back problems. However, chiropractic alone may not yield lasting results, due to its inability to effectively restore spinal strength. We will consult your chiropractor to coordinate the best possible care or refer you to a well-qualified chiropractor, if necessary.

what results can be expected with proper training and by eating right?

With a Core Essentials program and a healthy diet you can expect to see:

  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Improved cardiovascular efficiency
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Prevention and delay of muscle loss due to aging
  • Discriminate weight loss
  • Improved muscle tone and definition
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Contribution to body leanness
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved self image, self esteem and self confidence