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Medx at core essentials

Core Essentials Studio’s high-intensity strength training and rehabilitation is a medically based exercise system and philosophy utilising MedX.

Core Essentials Studio provides a specialised form of training that requires the muscles to do all the work. The joints are not affected, because external forces (ie. momentum and acceleration) are eliminated from the movements. Each repetition is completed slowly, unlike traditional strength training which permits fast, jerky movement. The focused slowness forces muscles to work much harder.

Each repetition is performed with perfect form and with a weight heavy enough to totally fatigue the muscles being worked in just a few repetitions. This quickly stimulates the body to produce additional muscle tissue and creates improvements in cardiovascular and other support systems.

This method safely builds muscle, increases the resting metabolism and allows the body to burn more calories even while at rest. It is far more challenging, safer on the joints and produces greater results in less time than other forms of exercise.

At Core Essentials Studio we make every effort to promote a relaxed and focused environment for all our patrons.